The Project

The little Town of Roses

Where harmony blossoms and grows

Just a few minutes from Orvieto’s rocky outcrop or “rupe” there’s another small “rupe” called Rocca Ripesena, at the foot of which lies an ancient hamlet. This place combines, as few others do, the harmony and beauty of a land where the works of man and nature have found their ultimate expression.
It is for this reason that A.Ge. has chosen the rose, symbol of love and beauty, to represent this place.

The values of the Association have taken root and spread, promoting solidarity and friendship among more and more people.
Rocca Ripesena is one of the few Italian hamlets offering a signed route, with hundreds of varieties of roses adorning the lanes, courtyards, walls and hidden corners and leading the visitor to the summit of the Rocca, from where Orvieto is revealed in all its glory.

Rocca Ripesena, with its roses from all over the world, has truly become the Little Town of Roses.

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